Lee Negotiations with Phillies

After reading both sides of the story (agent’s & Amaro’s). I think I understand what happened here. Amaro stated he made what he thought was a reasonable offer when they were negotiating at the winter meetings and negotiations ceased. I think Lee’s agent’s offer was considerably more than what Amaro offered and with this being free agency period, the Phillies had to act fast. The agent misread the negotiations. I would have kept Lee and let him walk and get 2 first round draft picks. I think the Phillies didn’t want an empty farm system in case they need to make a mid-season trade.



  1. lisatruefan

    Chase: Great, concise blog. I also think that Lee’s agent thought that Amaro would cave in on his demand, given Lee’s superb performance for the Phillies and that we have the talent to be contenders over the next few years. He suspected that Amaro would throw the moon at Lee’s feet, but I think Amaro won’t let an agent strong-arm him. Consider the deal for Burrell who turned down a two-year $22 million offer from the Phillies. Amaro turned elsewhere and signed Ibanez instead. Amaro is not a patsy for any agent … and that’s a good thing! Anyway, didn’t mean to get long-winded…great blog!!!

  2. pujols4prez

    Good entry, I will say though that I know the agent personally. He and Lee had not even got to a counter proposal to the Phillies when the rumours started flowing. The agent contacted them a few times to see if there was anything to the rumors and the Phillies kept denying it. Lee and his agent were not kept informed of the trade at all and never made an official proposal to the Phillies.

  3. tomahawktotheface

    Nice blog CUtley. But I don’t think there was any confusion in the negotiations. The phils wanted a long term ace and Lee wanted to test free agency. Halladay wanted to play in phily so they dumped Lee and got Halladay.

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